Focusing on Service Providers

S.J. Meyer understands your business and the climate you work in. We provide services to many service providers including health care providers, legal professionals, transportation and fulfillment services, commercial and residential rental property owners, property management companies, marketing agencies, home improvement professionals, IT professionals, insurance agencies, real estate professionals and manufacturers. The service industry is continuously being challenged by competition, labor issues and their gross profit margin. Every day S.J. Meyer professionals help service industry clients analyze their financial situations, calculate overhead rates and break-even sales analysis. Our specialized tax and business consulting services proactively help our clients succeed.

Helping Clients Grow

At S.J. Meyer, we help clients grow to their fullest potential by creating an environment of progress, finanicial analysis, business recommendations and implimentation of their business model.

Uncompromising Client Service

Proactive and timely client service is number one priority at S.J. Meyer. We are structured to ensure that clients receive an unusually high amount of attention and involvement. The high caliber of our client service teams separates us from the competition. Our clients can depend on the accuracy and quality of our work to help them make sound business decisions.

For more information on S.J. Meyer's many services, please contact a S.J. Meyer professional today.